Wait is almost over…

The FFC results are going to be out in about 90 mins time. Congrats and good luck to all 27 who made it.

Will log back at 9am to check the results.

Siva A N


This was the final touch up to my application

Will wait for the final 27 tomorrow…good luck to all who applied.

Siva A N

Can India chase 303?

If we can get a good start from Sachin and Gambhir and hold wickets till the 35th over…we have a chance. Our RCB man Rahul Dravid will have a crucial role to play in the chase. Let’s wish him ALL THE BEST. Come on Rahul and Virat…GO GET THEM along with our master SACHIN.

Good luck India…

Siva A N

My son loves swimming…

Children are one of the best subjects and when combined with some action you can capture lot of expressions, emotions, naughtiness. Enjoy some pics of my son that I took while he was having fun swimming


Siva A N

The slog overs are on…

The countdown begins for the final 27. The RCB FF fans are getting in the votes at a fast pace. If you feel that I too deserve a place in the final 27…please vote for me here


You can also view my wildlife collection pictures here http://indianaturewatch.net/view_cat.php?tag=Siva+A+N

Enjoy the pics…

Some cricket snaps

Check some of the cricket pics taken during India-Pak match. In remembrance of this hoping for a tough match tonight.


hese were taken during the India-Pak match in Bangalore using a 70-200 lens. Sitting inside the corporate box and shooting through the glass and from that awkward angle did not help much.

Siva A N

Which gives you high adrenaline rush?
1) 9 runs per over or
2) 10 frames per second

Get best of both…vote for me here http://www.royalchallengers.com/application/SivaAN/